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Scientifically proven to stimulate the immune system
The riches of Finnish nature, in your hands
Safe and sustainable ingredient for skincare, cosmetics & textiles
Led by science – developed at the Universities of Tampere and Helsinki

The price of modern living

With increasing urbanisation and sanitisation, biodiversity has been significantly declining throughout the western world. This loss of biodiversity is changing the microbial exposure we face. This means that the defence system of humans and animals, in other words, the immune system, does not receive proper training. Such inadequate immune defence training leads to immune-mediated diseases.

Its time to reconnect with nature.


Re-Connecting Nature

Re-Connecting Natureis scientifically proven to stimulate the immune system and recreate a more natural balance associated with enhanced skin health, resilience, comfort and appearance.
This balance actively promotes skin integrity to give:
Enhanced barrier function, faster regeneration and repair
Reduced redness and irritation
Increased levels of age-defying collagen

The riches of Finnish nature in your hands

You won’t find a Finn bragging about Finland (or anything else for that matter), but with 75% of the land covered in forest, and a further 10% in lakes and rivers, it’s easy to see why the country has the highest levels of happiness anywhere in the world.
Some of the world’s purest air & water
Ultra-cleansing frozen winters
Granite soil rich in microbial diversity

Immunity-boosting diversity of Finnish nature

Scientific studies have shown that a lack of biodiversity can lead to immune system dysfunction and that direct contact with soil increases the diversity of skin microbiota.

Finnish soil’s microbial diversity can promote health and well-being, and so we have created a ‘world-first’ ingredient which is safe and easy to integrate into a range of products, meaning people can access the immunity-boosting diversity of nature, wherever they live.

Don't live near Finland? Not a problem

Uute Scientific have worked out how to share it in this world first ingredient

The science behind Re-Connecting Nature

Our scientifically proven microbial extract stimulates and supports the immune system in both humans and domestic animals.

See where it’s being used already

See how our customers are using our ingredient in premium cosmetics, skin care, textiles and plasticines.

Talk to us about how you can add these unique benefits to your products

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Re-Connecting Nature ™  is a registered trademark of Uute Scientific Oy
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