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Finnish science-based Uute Scientific Oy brings natural microbes to plasticines. The possibilities of using the extract have increased from cosmetics and textiles to children’s toys.
Researchers around the world have discovered that urbanization has led to the global spread of immune-mediated diseases. There are already more than 150 of these diseases, such as allergies, celiac disease, and type 1 diabetes. Humans have been distant from nature and its beneficial microbes.
Child playing with biodiversity toys

Uute Scientific Oy
EMBARGO 12th November 2021 8 am EET

The ADELE ecosystem project, implemented by the Universities of Helsinki and Tampere and funded by Business Finland, has progressed to a stage where daily exposure to nature that regulates the functioning of the defense system and protects against immune-mediated diseases can be obtained directly from more than twenty domestic consumer products.
“In practice, versatile microbial exposure means daily contact with nature. Exposure is necessary for the defense system to be able to train itself and maintain its functions. The natural exposure must be sufficiently immersive, i.e., widely present on a daily basis”, comments Olli Laitinen, Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor of Microbiology and Research Director. The first cosmetic products containing Uute Scientific Oy’s Re-Connecting Nature ™ natural microbial extract were launched a year ago, and now it is the turn of plasticines to enter the market.
Finnish A. Wennström and Nukukuu launch plasticines that increase skin biodiversity
A variety of inactivated microbial extract from Finnish nature has been added to the plasticines. “We are celebrating our 100th birthday next year. This new Metsä -product line is our way to celebrate it”, says Tapio Tattari, CEO of A. Wennström. The new product line will be launched in November at the Tampere Handicraft Fair. Anniina Keskitalo, the Founder of Nukukuu, commented that she immediately fell in love with the idea of reconnecting with nature. “I have set up my business to promote children’s creativity and fine motor skills, but if I can also promote the possibility for children to obtaining natural exposure indoors, then even better”, she continues.
The products are also safe
 “Our raw material has naturally been tested in accordance with the European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48 / EU. Through external chemical testing by SGS, we ensured that children and end users could use the products in the normal way. This is the strictest safety screening so far and thus brings more security to our other customers as well”, says Kari Sinivuori, CEO of Uute Scientific Oy.

More information:
Kari Sinivuori, Uute Scientific Oy, CEO, Chairman of the Board +358 50 386 0444Olli Laitinen, Uute Scientific Oy, PhD, Chief Science Officer + 358 50 342 7273Tapio Tattari, A. Wennström Oy, CEO +358 400 492 373Anniina Keskitalo, Nukukuu, CEO 40 578 2160

Uute Scientific Oy: 
Uute Scientific Oy was established according to the rules and processes of commercialization used at the University of Helsinki. The company’s trademark is Reconnecting Nature ™. Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS), a company owned by the university, helps researchers to commercialize innovations.
A. Wennström Oy:
A. Wennström Oy has been the only watercolor factory in the Nordic countries since 1922. It moved to Artjärvi Finland in the early 1970s and is still a family business. The product range includes high-quality domestic craft and art supplies, as well as a comprehensive range of products for fabric printing and textile dyeing. They cherish domesticity and traditional manufacturing methods. A. Wennström launches a Metsä plasticine packaging, which comes in several different colors. 
Nukukuu manufactures natural plasticines and paints in Jyväskylä Finland and designs molding tools made of wood. They bring the forest microbial extract into existing plasticines, all of which have Re-Connecting Nature ™ microbial extract as the main raw material.

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