Who are we?

We are innovators, storytellers, technologists and environmentalists. Together, we’re pioneering microbiome science to improve human health.

We are creating something unique.

Our vision is ‘Life without immune-mediated diseases’

Our co-founders are also our researchers
A spin-out company from research at Helsinki and Tampere universities
Our work is driven by science

Our background and experience

The ADELE (Autoimmune Defense and Living Environment) project started in 2015 at Helsinki and Tampere universities. Its objective was to investigate the extent to which microbial exposure protects humans from immune and autoimmune diseases.

In 2019, the lead researchers from this research co-founded Uute Scientific Oy. Their goal is to bring the benefits found in this research to people worldwide.

From our very first day, we have valued transparency trust, action and teamwork and are driven by a deep scientific belief in the effectiveness of our ingredient.

The riches of Finnish nature, in your hands

You won’t find a Finn bragging about Finland (or anything else for that matter), but with 75% of the land covered in forest and a further 10% in lakes and rivers, it’s easy to see why the country reports the highest levels of happiness anywhere in the world.

And below the surface, things get even more interesting.

Add in some of the world’s purest air, water, and ultra-cleansing frozen winters, and so you have granite soil so rich in microbial diversity that it can actually promote health.

And the good news – if you don’t live near Finland

is that the innovators at Uute Scientific have worked out how to share it.

We have 4 pillars at the heart of what we do


We believe that Finnish nature can have a deeply restorative effect on health and well-being and that Finns shouldn’t be the only ones to benefit. When we say “terve terra”, we convey our respect for our lands, and our desire to share the benefits with people everywhere.


“Into luonto” is our rallying cry, reminding us that however busy our lives, we should always make time for regular, restorative, connection with nature.


Each of us knows, almost innately, that nature is good for us, but when it comes to understanding the science behind its restorative power, we have much to learn. When we say “fiksu fix” we show our respect for natural and scientific wisdom, and a commitment to deeper understanding.


We celebrate the unique characteristics of living things that make for a more vibrant, interesting and healthy world. At every level from the microbial diversity in Finnish soil, to the multiplicity of backgrounds in our own team, we know that diversity makes us better equipped to respond to challenge and change. “Multi vahvuus!”

The necessity of sustainability

To be able to pass on the powerful benefits of Finnish nature, we understand it is our responsibility to maintain and support its biodiversity. So, for us, sustainability is not only at the heart of our ingredient but also at the heart of everything we do.
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Minimising carbon emissions
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Meet the team

Innovators, storytellers, technologists and environmentalists.

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