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Innovative indie beauty brand Luonkos is celebrating its one-year birthday today with our Re-Connecting Nature microbe extract. We decided to contact one of the Luonkos co-founders, CEO Piritta Fors (on the right) and ask for the latest news (from the left: co-founders and product developers Miia Leino and Jonna Vesterinen).
You found us in Slush 2019. We were very taken with your speed and interest. What motivated you then?
We are all the time scouting for interesting new ingredients and do recognize when we see one. All of our co-founders love the Finnish forest and were enthusiastic that we could be the pioneer of creating forest microbe extract products. So, we put all our effort in creating two wonderful products: Infinity, an oil cleanser with forest microbes and Vitality, a body oil bar with forest microbes. Oil cleansing cake – we call our solid bars cakes or skin chocolate – is a 4-in-1 product that helps your skin to be soft and nourished with only one product. So, with one product you can replace 4 different plastic bottles A ND get exposure to forest microbes. Amazing! Vitality is designed for the whole family to moisturize and balance the skin.
Many of our customers have told that ‘small miracles’ have happened to their different skin conditions after using our Vitality body oil cake. This of course makes us very happy! We can bring the forest healing powers in our innovative ecological cosmetics to people.
It’s now been a year with you using our Re-Connecting Nature microbial extract. How are you doing today? 
We are a busy start-up growing sales in Finland and elsewhere. We are launching a new forest microbe extract product soon; this is the fifth forest microbe product we have. Beside Infinity and Vitality, we launched two powder deodorants, Fruitful and Powerful, in summer 2021 with forest microbes. These were a HUGE hit here in Finland. People loved using them in the hot summer all over their bodies, under the breast, to their feet and inner thighs. We are very proud to have brought two powerful deodorants that are without sodium and can really help people in multiple ways. We are currently busy preparing our newest shop opening in Turku.
What kind of feedback has our active ingredient received?
Finnish people love forests and are very curious to hear about the microbes. We feel that there are steadily growing number of people becoming fans and loyal users of these products. Of course, people are choosing our products also for other reasons. We have an excellent quality in our other ingredients and we help people minimizing the use of cosmetics and plastics. Our packaging is biodegradable and plastic-free.
How does your future look like?
We are in the growth path here in Finland and abroad. I am very optimistic about the future. We create our products and the entire company based on the future values. We are a leading-edge value-based start-up here in Finland. We want to inspire change.

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