An expanding range of applications

Re-Connecting Nature is already available for a number of cosmetic applications, from skincare to hair care. It is also being used in textiles and toys.

We are investigating including our extract in medical devices with edibles and drinkables on the horizon.

Cosmetics & skincare
Edibles and drinkables

Coming soon

Medical devices

Coming soon

Our current Formulations

Our formulations have been developed as frame formulations to show the scope of applications. Re-Connecting Nature can be used in almost all cosmetic products as long as certain formulation aspects have been considered.

Simple liquid with active

Face toner | Body mist | Hair/scalp mist

Simple gel with active

Serum | Essence | Face/body gel

Simple oil with active

Face/body oil | Hair/ beard oil | Massage oil

Simple anhydrous gel with active

Serum | Body gel

Simple balm with active

Lip balm | Face balm | Body butter

Simple clay mask with active

Face mask | Hair/scalp mask | Body dust

Shimmer blush with 1% extract

Face makeup | Eye makeup | Eye shadow


Face cream | Body lotion | Baby cream | Face mask | Hand cream | Foot lotion

Formulations advice

INCI name: Humus Extract

Appearance: brown powder

Re-Connecting Nature extract is not fully water or oil soluble, but it can be dispersed into both. If it is used in a water-based product, in order to prevent sedimentation, the usage of a thickening polymer with suspending properties (like Xanthan Gum at 1%) is advisable.

Heat tolerance
Re-Connecting Nature extract should not be used at temperatures above 40°C.

Re-Connecting Nature extract does not significantly impact the viscosity of the formulation. However, it is recommended to formulate the extract into high viscosity formulations, to prevent sedimentation of the extract particles.

Due to the dark characteristic shade of the extract, a higher oil phase is beneficial if a lighter coloured finished formulation is preferred.

Recommended dosage
0,5 – 4%

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