The necessity of sustainability

To be able to pass on the powerful benefits of Finnish nature, we understand it is our responsibility to maintain and support its biodiversity. So, for us, sustainability is not only at the heart of our ingredient but also at the heart of everything we do.

“It is our responsibility to maintain and support Finland’s natural biodiversity.”

Supporting biodiversity

Re-Connecting Nature® is 100% natural, with all the raw materials originating in Finland. Our extract is made from commercially available plant-based compost mixtures, soil and plants and we don’t use materials that originate from ecologically valuable areas.
Minimising carbon emissions foot icon
Minimising carbon emissions

Materials are collected as near as possible to the composting facilities to minimise carbon emissions from transportation.

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Renewable sources

We use renewable sources of biomass

Inactivated ingredient

Our ingredient is delivered to the customers in an inactivated form – meaning that the rich microbiome is non-viable.

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Vegan friendly

We have carefully chosen the raw materials to fit the vegan lifestyle.


We don’t want to add to the problem! Therefore we strive to make our production process as energy and material efficient as possible.

We use green hydropower in our factory, and we don’t use any harmful chemicals or preservatives even our side streams are reused in biodiversity-enriched play sand.

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