Animal Care

The products of the ArcticVet product line are produced from Finnish raw materials and are designed for domestic animals. The important effective substances – yarrow, resin and tar – originate from the clean nature of Northern Finland. They guarantee the purity of their products and the whole manufacturing process, knowing their organic farm partners and raw material collectors by name. The products are produced and packed for shipping at their premises in the city of Paimio in Finland.

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Arctic Vet

Company background

The idea of developing the Finnish ArcticVet product line was born when they wanted to treat their own animals with safe products that make a difference. Arctic Vet decided to bring a natural and Finnish option to the market that has a clear listing of the raw materials used in the product information. Their customer promise Skin Care for Animal Friends encapsulates the core of their business: as animal-friendly people, we want to offer a gentle yet effective help for skin condition treatment and prevention to beloved pets.


Re-Connecting Nature® microbial extract is included in:

  • ArcticVet-Reconnecting Nature® Protective cream
  • ArcticVet-Reconnecting Nature® Shampoo
  • ArcticVet-Reconnecting Nature™ Treatment Spray®

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