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Luonkos products are ecological, plastic-free and responsible. They are made by hand in Finland from premium, natural raw materials.

They have won several awards for their innovative water- and plastic-free natural cosmetics. Luonkos has a mission to inspire change by creating multifunctional products that allow consumers to minimize their use of cosmetics. Best for the skin, best for their nature.

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Luonkos Infinity winner

Company background

The name Luonkos comes from the word Luononkosmetikka and the local expression luonkos something wonderful. Luonkos was born from women’s desire to create better products for the skin and nature. They create a new kind of natural cosmetics, combining old and new. Future sustainability trends, modern research, a deep understanding of plants and inspiration from knowledge passed down over generations.


Re-Connecting Nature® microbial extract is included in

  • Infinity facial oil Cleansing cake – an all-in-one facial cleanser that cleanses your face, removes make-up, balances and nurtures your skin
  • Vitality body oil cake – balancing body oil as a bar, for the whole family to take care of your skin
  • Primal forest balm, easy to use all-around Balm for the whole family
  • Fruity, powder deodorant with a scent, can be used all around the body
  • Powerful, powder deodorant, scent-free, can be used all around the body

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