Combining organic ingredients like fatty acid-containing plant oils with magical forest dust results in superior benefits, especially for sensitive skin. The starting point for all our products is to create a synergistic whole that boosts the skin while causing minimum disturbance to nature.

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Company background

Moi Forest has its roots in an ancient forest that takes care of biodiversity and our planet’s habitability. The forest offers shelter and a bounty of trees, berries and mushrooms, but above all, forms the core of a living and breathing ecosystem. It took a small bunch of Finnish researchers intrigued by the power of the forest and a few women with a background in natural cosmetics and wellbeing, and an idea began to take shape: maybe it really is possible to create a cosmetic product with beneficial effects for the whole body!


Re-Connecting Nature® microbial extract is included in

  • Forest Dust® Multipurpose Cream
  • Forest Dust® Baby Cream
  • Forest Dust® Microbiome Magic Oil
  • Forest Dust® After Care Hand Cream

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