Established over 40 years ago, Ruskovilla is a family run business with its headquarters, production and warehouse located in Artjärvi, famous for its lakes attracting migratory birds, just 1,5 hours away from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Using organic wool, silk and cotton they create clothes and accessories for the whole family.

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Ruskovilla Metsa Children

Company background

It all began with a couple, a van, and the will to make the world a better place with natural fibres. That was the start of the family-run company, the first to launch clothes made from organic natural fibres on the Finnish market. Forty years later, there is demand for the products from countries as far away as Japan, Australia, and North America.


Re-Connecting Nature microbial extract is included in the Metsä collection, which includes clothes and accessories made of undyed, certified silk wool.

  • Forest: adult sleeveless shirt (unisex)
  • Forest: adult long-sleeved shirt (unisex)
  • Forest: tube scarf for adults
  • Forest: children’s sleeveless shirt
  • Forest: children’s long-sleeved shirt
  • Forest: children’s tube scarf
  • Forest: baby bodysuit
  • Forest: baby hat

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