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The effective and fast-acting Saaren Taika products have been developed for various skin challenges. We make all our products carefully by hand in Finland from 100% natural and vegan raw materials without preservatives, colours or additives.
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Company background

Saaren Taika products have helped thousands of Finns to treat their rashes, acne, rosacea, psoriasis and atopic skin problems. Our Metsämikrobi (Forest Microbes) product line has Re-Connecting Nature microbial extract as an active ingredient. The extract strengthens the skin barrier function after three weeks of regular use. The skin care benefits were already visible in three weeks as a higher stress tolerance of the skin. Suitable also for highly sensitive skin.


Re-Connecting Nature® microbial extract is included in:

  • Metsämikrobi body cream, unscented
  • Metsämikrobi body cream, with scent
  • Strong Metsämicrobi face oil
  • Brightening Metsämikrobi facial oil
  • Metsämikrobi cream deodorant, unscented
  • Metsämikrobi cream deodorant
  • Strong face oil

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