Created in 1922, Wennström is the only watercolour factory in the Nordics. A family-run business relying on traditional manufacturing methods, they produce premium quality art and craft supplies for the home.

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Wennstrom metsa muovailuvaha

Company background

Andrei Wennström started making watercolours in 1922 in Yekaterinburg at the foot of the Ural Mountains, on the border between Europe and Asia. The company moved to Finland in 1931 and operated in Helsinki for many years. After Andre’s passing, his wife Sofia and sons Herman and Aleksander Wennström continued the business. The factory moved to Artjärvi in ​​the early 1970s and is still the home of Wennström’s products.


Wennström’s new Metsä modeling wax contains Reconnecting Nature

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