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We are joining forces with brands, manufacturers and people who share the same vision: a life without immune-mediated diseases.

Here are just some of our partners that want to balance your unique microbiome and thereby support your immune system. We are proud that their products have our Re-Connecting Nature® logo to confirm they contain our raw material as an active ingredient.

We call them immunobrands.

A scientifically proven, natural ingredient
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Our customers are our partners. From product development and formulation to distribution and marketing, we are always on hand to offer guidance and support.

Re-Connecting Nature® offers the opportunity to be part of an exciting business ecosystem that is responding to an ever-growing demand from consumers for wellbeing products.

As part of our service to customers, we offer training days and technical support. And we actively promote you in our own sales and marketing activities.

Join the ever-growing portfolio of brands that are helping create a world without immune-mediated diseases.

Some of the amazing awards our customers have received

Luonkos Infinity winner

Trusted by our customers

My brand is focusing on calm, serenity and plant-based ingredients that work – backed by science. Õrn Kuu was developed through my lifelong struggle with severe atopic eczema and contact dermatitis. I found the Re-Connecting Nature® microbe extract at In-Cosmetics Virtual 2020 and thought it sounded like the perfect ingredient I wished existed but didn’t know about. I am so drawn to the idea that we can physically connect with nature on a daily basis wherever we are.

Alice HopkinsFounder and Certified organic skincare formulator of Õrn Kuu Ltd

Many of our customers have told that ‘small miracles’ have happened to their different skin conditions after using our Vitality body oil cake. This of course makes us very happy! We can bring the forest healing powers in our innovative ecological cosmetics to people.

Piritta ForsCEO, Luonkos

I have set up my business to promote children’s creativity and fine motor skills, but if I can also promote the possibility for children to obtaining natural exposure indoors, then even better.

Anniina KeskitaloFounder of Nukukuu,

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