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Õrn Kuu is the first British brand to offer a solution to restore the lost connection to nature – Finnish science-based Uute Scientific Oy brings diverse microbes also to U.K.
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Uute Scientific Oy
EMBARGO 16th August 2021 9.00 am EET

Indie beauty brand Õrn Kuu is the first British skincare brand to be able to offer an indoor forest bathing experience through the Re-Connecting Nature™ ingredient. One of their launch products ‘Või Solid Body Lotion Bar is a solution to restore the lost connection with nature while living in an urban environment and perfect for all skin types, ages and an excellent product for dry and sensitive skin.

From In-Cosmetics Virtual Fair to a skin microbiome strengthening product “My brand is focusing on calm, serenity and plant-based ingredients that work – backed by science. Õrn Kuu was developed through my lifelong struggle with severe atopic eczema and contact dermatitis. I found the Re-Connecting Nature™ microbe extract at In-Cosmetics Virtual 2020 and thought it sounded like the perfect ingredient I wished existed but didn’t know about,” says Alice Hopkins, Founder and Certified organic skincare formulator of Õrn Kuu Ltd. She also works as a celebrity makeup artist of 15 years working in film & television. “I am so drawn to the idea that we can physically connect with nature on a daily basis wherever we are,” she continues.

Urbanization has led to the prevalence of immune-mediated diseases globally “A harmonious skin microbiome means that there are enough beneficial bacteria communicating with our immune system to facilitate the tempering of inflammation, inhibiting pathogens, and keeping environmental aggressors at bay, it’s absolutely integral to a healthy functioning system” Hopkins comments. “Years ago, while working behind luxury beauty counters in Oxford Street, I started to meet an increasing number of people with compromised skin, allergies, and new sensitivities they had not encountered before. Living in London, my clients were finding they were becoming more sensitive to the world around them.”

Re-Connecting Nature™ is a unique and innovative extract designed to be used as your daily exposure to the diverse microbial communities of Finnish forests and meadows

“We are very grateful to Õrn Kuu for recognizing the potential of our Reconnecting Nature™ ingredient as the first cosmetics brand outside Finland,” says Oliver Boldt, Chief Sales Officer and Co-Founder of Uute Scientific Oy. “It has been a great experience to work closely with Õrn Kuu and get real insights into how Alice has been creating her new wonderful products and brand,” he continues.

Uute Scientific Oy’s microbial extract contains thousands of species compared to one, or at most a few species, which, for example, are already more familiar as probiotic products that have been on the market for a long time. Most microbial extracts are slow-growing microbes that cannot currently be grown in laboratory conditions. In addition to bacteria, unicellular nucleated micro-organisms as well as genuine nuclear microbes are also involved. Together, this diverse spectrum of microbial species can provide the immune system with a complex stimulus on the skin that cannot be achieved with the use of only a few species.

More information:

Oliver Boldt, Uute Scientific Oy, Chief Sales Officer, Co-Founder, +358 50 591 4594
Alice Hopkins, Õrn Kuu Ltd, CEO, Founder, +44 7832 124222

Uute Scientific Oy:

Uute Scientific Oy was established according to the rules and processes of commercialization used at the University of Helsinki. The company’s trademark is Re-Connecting Nature™. Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS), a company owned by the university, helps researchers to commercialize innovations.

Õrn Kuu Ltd:

Õrn Kuu Ltd. is an independently owned company from U.K. with restorative multitasking products for sensitive skin. The products are of high-performance formulations blended with deeply nourishing organic extracts, vitamins, plant-based emollients, and lipids to create the gentlest of sensory experiences. Also, packaging is designed to be safe and circular.

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