Scientifically proven* to stimulate the immune system and recreate a more natural balance

*Source: In vitro study, Epidermal skin model.

The riches of Finnish nature, in your hands

You won’t find a Finn bragging about Finland (or anything else for that matter), but with 75% of the land covered in forest and a further 10% in lakes and rivers, it’s easy to see why the country reports the highest levels of happiness anywhere in the world.

And below the surface, things get even more interesting.

Add in some of the world’s purest air, water, and ultra-cleansing frozen winters, and so you have granite soil so rich in microbial diversity that it can actually promote health.

Promotes skin integrity for enhanced barrier function, faster regeneration & repair
Reduces skin redness and irritation
Increases levels of age-defying collagen

Don’t live near Finland? Not a problem

Uute Scientific have worked out how to share its natural richness in it’s world-first ingredient.

Meet Re-Connecting Nature™
humus extract –

our patented ingredient

Our unique mix of components is carefully combined to replicate the rich diversity of hundreds of species found in Finnish nature. Most are recycled or renewable, and all are from sustainable sources and reputable partners. Each one is carefully selected based on its unique bacterial composition and other characteristics.
Immune system activator & biodiversity agent
Dermatologically & tolerance tested
Multiple formulation usage
Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin
China-compliant cosmetic ingredient
CosIng (EU) registered
“We already knew the scale of the immune-mediated disease crisis and through our research, we realised we could really make a difference”

Kari Sinivuori

CEO and Co-founder

The science behind

Re-Connecting Nature™

Our scientifically proven microbial extract stimulates and supports the immune system in both humans and domestic animals.

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